Aria Kurenaino (紅ノ 亜里亜) is a character and a black magic proxy who is said to place curses on others, provided she has a sample of the victim's hair and information. She runs her shop in Hamonika-Yokochō near Kichijōji Station.

Appearance Edit

Aria img02

Aria has long brown hair with bangs above her eyes. She wears a red and black dress with a red coat on top of it and a red choker around her neck. she also wears black shoes as well.

Aria img01

Personality Edit

A girl that acts as an agent for black magic, who sets up shop in the Harmonica Alley across from Kichijoji Station. Dresses herself from head to toe in Gothic-style clothing, never shows emotions, and speaks coldly as if she was a noblewoman.