My Cold Dimension is the 2nd episode in the series.

Plot synopsis Edit

In the past, Miyuu begins doubting herself after receiving calls for fortune-telling that try to prove her as a fake. When Sarai calls her, she sees visions of him standing over his dead father's body, and tearfully begs him to visit his father, as she can only see the future, not change it. In the present, Yuta notices that Professor Hashigami wrote the word "CODE" in his own blood before expiring. An impatient female voice commands Yuta via his shortwave radio to yank out a golden tooth from the Professor's lower jaw, which he manages just before Shun Moritsuka enters the room. Later, Shun fills in the police on his findings, including a doujinshi with a story oddly familiar to the events that took place. When the police dismiss him, he calls an unknown man about a list that he is searching for. Elsewhere, Ryoka and Miyuu try to test the rumor of a girl who can curse others, by placing a curse on Yuta. As Shun tries to get statements from various persons of interest, he hears from Touko the tale of Ria Minase, whose brother died. Ria refused to accept her brother's death, so she kept his corpse with her for a year before anyone else reported it. 

Appearances Edit

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  • Miyū Aikawa
  • Sarai Hashigami
  • Yūta Gamon
  • Professor Hashigami
  • Shun Moritsuka
  • Ryoka Narusawa
  • Tōuko Sumikaze
  • Ria Minase