Underwater is the 1st episode in the series.

Plot synopsis Edit

Yuta Gamon sits in a cafe in his hometown Kichijōji, working to increase traffic to his website, which aggregates news and stories of the occult around Japan. The annoyingly cheerful Ryoka Narusawa shows up as Yuta catches a glimpse of the young fortune-teller and classmate Miyu Aikawa on a TV commercial. The two decide to invite her for an interview to raise traffic for his site. Elsewhere, Sarai Hashigami abruptly leaves a lecture hall, reluctantly following the advice of a fortune-teller to see his father before it's too late. Touko Sumikaze chats with the editor-in-chief of her occult-themed magazine, where he talked about receiving Professor Hashigami's latest manuscript from an old woman, even though Hashigami's mother is dead. Touko offers that it could be a ghost. Later, Aria Kurenaino helps a customer curse someone to death, then discovers someone shoved a bloody scalp in her mailbox. The next day, Yuta and Ryoka meet up with Miyu after school and take her back to the cafe. Miyu claims that her future would be greater with Yuta. After Yuta decides to make Miyu part of the team, the girls pressure him into interviewing Professor Hashigami about his occult research. Yuta plays with a bloody knife on the Professor's desk, then discovers the corpse of the Professor himself. 

Appearances Edit

  • Yuta Gamon
  • Ryoka Narusawa
  • Miyu Aikawa
  • Sarai Hashigami
  • Touko Sumikaze
  • Aria Kurenaino